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Application fields

Villon's modelling abilities cover broad range of transportation logistic terminals not limited to rail transport mode only, but comprising also road and other transport modes (e.g. cranes, special storage equipment, etc.).




To list some examples of systems that can be modelled using Villon, following can be mentioned: 

  • Marshalling yards
  • Passenger stations
  • Industrial sidings
  • Small railway networks (regional)
  • Production facilities
  • Container terminals
  • Harbour terminals
  • Road traffic (in limited area)
  • Airports (ground handling)
  • Storages
  • and many others...


Although Villon's primary modelling target are transportation terminals, the software supports, to some extent, also modelling of small regional networks (e.g. railway traffic in a region or road traffic in a limited area of a city).

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