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Ablaufberg is a software simulation tool for the precise examination of wagon motion dynamics during the train sorting process on a hump in a marshalling (classification) yard. The simulation of wagon motion dynamics helps to determine the proper dimensions of a hump, the proper number and position of retarders, as well as to set the optimal sorting speed on a hump. The simulation is also useful for verification of feasibility of succession times for several groups of wagons, utilization of target shooting (wagons have to reach desired position with safe speed to avoid gaps between two wagon groups on sorting track), for modelling of approach process of wagon groups toward hump on gravity marshalling yards and for the optimization of output speed from retarders.

Ablaufberg has been proven to be truly an invaluable tool for designing humps in the marshalling yards.

The tool was originally based on a computing program of SBB (designed by Dr. König). At the present, the sixth generation (implemented for MS Windows 10/11) of Ablaufberg is being used. The new generation offers advanced capabilities for editing of input data, visualization of results in alphanumeric and graphical form, as well as for optimizing output speed from retarders. The program offers a user-friendly environment with the possibility of measuring of the values from graphical output as well as time and distance reserves between successive groups of wagons.





Ablaufberg has been used off-line for designing the humps for many important modern marshalling yards, for example:

  • Zurich Limmattal, SBB, Switzerland
  • Basel-Muttenz II SBB, Switzerland
  • Vienna Central M.Y., ÖBB, Austria
  • Villach South M.Y., ÖBB, Austria
  • Linz M.Y., ÖBB, Austria
  • Rotterdam-Kijfhoek M.Y., NS, Netherlands
  • Osterfeld Sud, DB AG, Germany
  • Nymburk, Správa železnic s. o., Czech Republic
Ablaufberg is used on-line for computer-controlled variable humping velocity computations in Zurich Limmattal, Vienna Central and Villach South yards.